HSPascal, Features

High Speed Pascal

HSPascal Release Notes

25-04-2004 ftp area open

I now has an FTP area you as a registered user can write to: ftp://hspascal.fihl.net/HSUser/
Others have read only access from http://www.fihl.net/HSUser/
Its purpose is user to user sharing like IDEs, programs and other stuff that might be too large for the newsserver (more than a few hundrede kilobytes)

04-04-2004 Version 2.1, #41

  • Removed the pdf windows inside HSPascal. Now help files are started as plain pdf files. Seems like a better way to me.

10-03-2004 Version 2.1, #40

  • Found and fixed a memory leak

12-11-2003 Version 2.1

  • The Units folder (of 3-11-2003) had old files. Fixed, please download a new copy

03-11-2003 Version 2.1, Build #39

26-10-2003 Version Build #38, see beta folder

  • Large segment, max 64KByte. Still not multi segment, but more than 32KByte original
    Activate by using directive: {$F+}
  • Changed some runtime instructions to use more PalmOS function, like string/memory copying, because this will then be faster on a Palm with ARM processor.

22-9-2003 Version Build #37

  • Beta version of library generation. See source examples on newsserver

14-8-2003 Version Build #36

  • Pos(Ch,S) problem fixed

11-10-2002 Version Build #35

  • Byte overflow: if B<200 then..
  • AESLib interface

30-06-2002 Version 2.02 Build #32

  • Strings used 1 byte too much sometime

01-06-2002 HSPascal version 2.00 Build #30

Installation package, full original package (now with new exe):

Original installation package v2.0:

Latest exe files (not released, test only/Beta):

View files in this folder:

PilRC is here

A newsserver is running for users and beta testers. Please check it out. If you get problems/questions, please ask them in the newsgroup. Then everybody benefits from it, including me.

In case you need more information, please feel free to mail me. General Palm help I do not have. Then it might be time to join the newsgroup.

The newsserver is installed as:
Server: news://news.fihl.net
User: beta
Password: tester